ADI precision signal chain platform can easily realize high-precision design

Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) introduced a precision narrow bandwidth signal link platform to optimize system performance in industrial and instrumentation applications with signal bandwidth ranging from DC to about 10 kHz. To simplify the design process, this new platform can provide a series of complete signal chains with customizable solution options, and a set of selected development tools, including LTspice ® It can be used as a design tool for in-depth study of filter performance or power management, as well as a signal chain based evaluation system that has made full use of decades of experience and insights of ADI.

The new platform incorporates a precision narrow bandwidth signal chain, which is characterized by the selection of precision devices and power management devices, giving priority to low-frequency design requirements, and providing excellent accuracy, stability and resolution. These robust, repeatable, high-quality measurement and drive solutions can help designers to invest in design with confidence and calmly deal with the severe challenges posed by precision instruments in the fields of source meter (SMU), digital multimeter (DMM) and data acquisition system.

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