From amplifier to DSP audio processing, why choose ADI?

It can be seen from the tangle of Hi Fi players with various equipment that voice tuning is the most classic and difficult analog digital domain technology. As a bridge between analog and digital domains, ADI is one of the most prestigious semiconductor companies in the world, from amplifiers to DSP audio processing. That is why BOSE has chosen ADI as its main partner of the ANC.

In the 1990s, ADI Fellow and Bob Adam, academician of the American Academy of Engineering, invented and developed the world’s first single chip Σ-Δ Audio ADC makes it possible for Bose to use QuietComfort, a noise reduction headset for ordinary consumers. In the 21st century, ADI fellow Khiem Nguyen invented and promoted the generation of low delay and low-power audio codec signal chain, enabling Bose engineers to launch a miniaturized noise reduction headset QC20 based on the noise reduction headset QuietComfort.

Later, Sony also valued this market and chose ADI as a partner to compete with BOSE. Later, BOSE realized this and asked ADI not to provide software to Sony, so Sony had to gradually develop its own QN1 as an alternative route.

From these historical evolutions, it can be said that ADI is a well deserved pioneer in both analog and digital ANC markets.

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