The importance of accurate measurement of noise figure

In the process of product development, higher noise figure measurement accuracy not only means better correlation between product simulation and measurement results, but also helps designers refine circuit models more quickly. It also means that system designers can better optimize the performance of transmission/reception systems such as radar. When the performance index of the system is decomposed into the performance index of all components of the system, the system designer must add a protection band to the index of each component according to the measurement accuracy, and the device designer will also verify the performance of its components accordingly.

Specifically speaking of the noise figure, the improved measurement accuracy and smaller protection band mean that LNA can have better technical indicators, so that the same overall SNR of the system can be obtained by using a lower power transmission amplifier. As a result, smaller, lighter and cheaper transmitters can be used, which is extremely important for airborne and spaceborne applications.

In the production test of products, the improved measurement accuracy can also allow the use of smaller guard bands, which can achieve better correlation in the measurement results of multiple test stations. This means that fewer and fewer products need to be reworked, the yield and throughput are greatly improved, and the test cost is further reduced. The smaller guard band can also make the technical indicators of products better and more competitive, so that they can be sold at higher prices or occupy more market shares.

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