Will smart glasses replace mobile phones?

If smart glasses want to be accepted by the market, the most important thing is how to control the price to the extent that ordinary consumers can accept. Before the price falls to consumers’ expectations, it is difficult to popularize smart glasses, and it is impossible to ban mobile phones from becoming a smart terminal device for the next generation.

What will replace mobile phones in the future will not be any single device, but a system composed of mobile phones+watches+glasses+headphones and other products that can communicate with each other and evolve into a local computing center. Whether it’s Apple AR Glass or Xiaomi Smart Glasses, they are just a small part of this system. From the perspective of current product performance and market size, it is absolutely impossible to become the so-called next-generation personal intelligent terminal.

However, we can’t say that smart glasses have no practical significance. Although the current smart glasses have not been able to give full play to their maximum value, and it is difficult for consumers to pay for them, its birth can make more consumers pay attention to the smart glasses market again, and it is also likely to promote changes in this industry.

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