SABIC Launches New Copolymer Resins for Photovoltaic Connectors

SABIC recently introduced a breakthrough polycarbonate (PC) based copolymer resin, which can be used in photovoltaic connectors and can meet the stringent performance and regulatory requirements of the emerging 1.5kV solar system.

New LNP ™ EXL9334P copolymer resin has reached the highest level of relative tracking resistance index (CTI) (UL PLC0), and meets the IEC MG 1 standard. At the same time, it has the advantages of low temperature ductility, good dimensional stability, excellent heat resistance, durability, weather resistance and flame retardancy. With excellent performance in all key indicators, this special resin surpasses glass fiber reinforced nylon, polyphenylene ether (PPE), standard polycarbonate and other materials. In addition, as an injection molding thermoplastic, it has both economy and design flexibility, while also helping to improve processing efficiency.

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