Melexis Launches Ultra High Precision Automotive Pressure Sensor Chip

Melexis, a global microelectronic engineering company, recently announced the launch of a new series of PCB free pressure sensor chips. This series of chips can maintain ultra-high accuracy throughout its service life. With this excellent performance, the last generation of internal combustion engine vehicles will become more environmentally friendly in any case.

This series of products is specially designed for automobile engine management. MLX90,824 measures the absolute pressure, provides SENT protocol digital output signal, and MLX90,822 provides analog voltage output signal. These devices are factory calibrated and can measure the pressure in the full range of 1 bar to 4 bar.

Laurent Otte, senior product line manager of Melexis, explained the reason why this series of products can help customers: “This series of sensor chips can always maintain an accuracy of+/- 0.5% FS (full scale) throughout the service life of the sensor chips. Because of the use of PCB free packaging, the measurement accuracy is not affected by the sensor chip integration”. Extremely accurate and stable pressure measurements help optimize engine management to ensure fuel savings and reduce emissions.

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