Onsemi Launches Innovative Dual Inductance Rotary Position Sensor

Onsemi, which is ahead of intelligent power supply and intelligent sensing technology, has introduced an innovative dual inductance rotary position sensor NCS32100, which provides high speed and high precision convincingly. The NCS32100 uses a new patented method for inductive position sensing, making it an ideal choice for deploying fast mobile robots and industrial robot applications.

Although the characteristics of inductive encoders make them very attractive in industrial applications, the use cases have always been limited to low speed and applications that do not require high accuracy. Onsemi uses its professional experience in designing inductive sensors for more than 20 years to combine the reliability advantages of inductive encoders with the high accuracy and high speed that are usually provided by high-end optical encoders. The NCS32100 (38 mm sensor) can provide accuracy of+/- 50 angular seconds at 6000 RPM. At the expense of some accuracy, the NCS32100 can support speeds up to 100000 RPM.

Several key characteristics of inductive sensor make it an ideal choice for industrial application. The accuracy of inductive sensor is almost unaffected by dust, oil, temperature and humidity in the environment. The NCS32100 device also has an integrated self calibration program to solve the mechanical misalignment deviation of the sensor. High configurability can be used in a variety of PCB sensor designs, enabling OEMs to configure and differentiate their solutions. The integrated MCU contains nonvolatile flash memory and a configurable interface to communicate with the main processor.

Onsemi now provides reference design and evaluation boards to further accelerate the design process of industrial applications.

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